28.04 » 18.06.12 c/o Delloro Contemporary Art


Davide Balliano

Dogbite means something somehow more surprising then any other accident. It shock as something unpredictable and in someway connected with the breaking of a trust. It’s a hit from a direction we wouldn’t aspect, for a reason that usually we don’t understand and neither feel to deserve. A dog is stereotype of love, company and blind adoration and we always end up forgetting its wild side, trusting that the relationship will overcome the instinct.

This body of work wants to be a metaphor of a similar surprise applied to our own soul, our own identity. It’s a reflection on the wound that something as familiar as our own self can leave when it decides to bite. For this occasion the artist will present a site specific installation combined through the use of  different media (sculptures, drawings, paintings)

The group of sculptures, works on canvas and intervention on book pages, builds a minimal environment suggesting an overlapping of ages, a void where architecture and the decay of time seems to merge. Through the use of geometry as a tool of translation, Balliano's work describe a research of an hidden order, a map of meanings that constitutes the basement of creation.


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