NYU Berlin Studio Art

MA Thesis Exhibition

08.08 » 10.08.12 c/o Autocenter


Giannina Brusatin, Malina Boreyko, Tess Clancy, Jaclyn Dicker, Nicole Garvin, Susan Guthrie, Heather Hayashi, Annie Kyle, Yasmine Nachabe, Annette Skarbek, Demet Taspinar, Angela Viens, Shannon Yon


David Darts and Delia Gonzales

New York University’s Berlin Studio Art MA Program presents work from 14 students from the graduate Fine Arts courses. The show will profile the work the artists produced during their a six week residency in Berlin. The exhibition will see the metamorphosis of the students studio into the Auto Center's gallery space. Thus providing the spectators the opportunity to view new works from American artists inspired by their experience in Berlin.


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