Do not step on my garden

Cardboard box, lawn, plate, 2012

QUADRATONOMADE (Nomadic Paintings / Artworks in a box for a museum in motion) is a project consisting of forming itinerant exhibitions comprised of some two hundred works of art contained within a cardboard box, created by nationally and internationally known artists.

My idea consists in a golden plate on which I had engraved the sentence “Don’t step on my garden” and backed on a piece of lawn taken from an indipendent gallery in Berlin (the Grimmuseum) where I worked as a photoreporter.

These boxes of artist’s interventions will be exhibited February 29th, 2012 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and will travel over the next three years to destinations in both Italy and abroad. Quadratonomade represents an step towards the democratization of art: breaking traditional mechanisms and breaching conventional roles in the effort to actively disseminate culture through the use of interdisciplinary and alternative language. The intent is to create a network of collaborations that favors a transversal approach, which, from the outset, was envisioned as articulated artistic actions on the theme of “art, society and memory”.