Visual Art and Photoreportage

Work in process / Galleria Mario Iannelli (Photography)
We are not a museum / Grimmuseum (Photography)
Quadrato Nomade / 100% Periferia (Installation)
Never odd or even /Grimmuseum (Photography)
Chora(s)san Time-Court Mirage / by Catherine Christer Hennix (Photography – cover)
This was supposed to be the future / Crimial Jokers (Paintings)

Lib(e)ro d’arte / Museo Hendrik C. Andersen (Artist Book)
La scrittura della differenza / a cura di Anna Maria Crispino (Photography – cover)
Agenda SIL 2009 / Società Italiana delle Letterate (Photography)
Leggendaria – Libri Letture Linguaggi / 2007-09 (Painting, photography)
Premio Nazionale della Arti / 2008 (Painting)