Into my nature

Lambda print on dibond, 2016

This photographic serie is about the relationship between the “I” and Nature.

Nowadays it is crucial to be part of the society, but also to feel and be aware of our deepest energies. The return to the lost awareness through the use of ephemeral materials (reminding to the cycle of death and rebirth, and so to the natural rhythm), expresses at once both nostalgia and disorientation for the loss of cultural roots, which is due to the globalization and the exploitation of nature by technological development.The act to get naked and mark the shape of the own body through the use of chopped leaves, birch bark, clay and other organic materials, becomes a therapeutic ritual of purification and transcendence, in order to keep in mind to be a part of the “Whole”.
A “shamanic” performance to symbolically let free all the people who are oppressed by the domination of the intellect and technique, uncovering the true essence of Ourself and of Freedom.

Into my nature #3, Lambda print on dibond, 2016