Rebird (installation view)

Rebird is a concept beginning with two artists’ meeting: Laura Gianetti e Daniele Jost want to confront with each other at the 48 Stunden Neukoelln show on topics that their works share even if in different ways: nature as a miracle to watch and understand and humans with their different ways to feel space and how to use it.

Perspektivwechsel! becomes a way to show the meeting of two different feelings: Flight as need to migrate and change and Earth as need to be part of a society and its rules.

Laura Gianetti presents a group of photos representing birds in various moments of their lives. Extrapolated from their natural environment and moved to nothing more than white, they allow the audience to get their real essence. The idea of incompleteness as obliteration of our conscience is represented in the weight of the lack of the environments that becomes just a far memory of past time and space.
And those lacking trees are now carried outside the immaterial photo still life and burned by Daniele Jost, who shows dozens of stereotyped little birds’ houses hanging in the space: a flock that stays still like frozen.
These objects, which function is recognizable, lack their access, so that the audience gets a feeling of refusal, inac-cessibility: they are non-sense objects which make bystanders aware of superficiality, production surplus, neglected functions.
Wood without its habitat becomes the symbol of a voluntary but not desired constriction, an exercise of human strength in the meaningless willing of forcing concepts as fruition, balance and necessity.