The silence after the beat

Digital photography series, 2014

Most of what we eat depends by the work of some insects that are often used by humans in agriculture in order to increase yield cultivations. Suffice it to think that without them about 75% of wild plants would no longer be able to reproduce.

During the last years, habitat destruction, insecticides or mobile phones (whose frequencies disturb their sense of orientation by preventing the return to the hive) have more and more increased the death of these small animals. Without their vital contribution, the ecosystem would undergo a distortion such that it would be impossible to be able to repair the damage suffered. After the last beat of wings there would be only a big silence.

This project Is an homage to these little living beings that are the driving force of our very existence. It consists of a photo serie of pollinators insects whose wings are covered with gold leaf and isolated in a neutral background. As an alchemical process of spiritual liberation this precious metal becomes a kind of universal panacea that attempts to overcome the boundaries of existence extending their lives through its inherent nature of incorruptibility. A symbolic kintsugi to win the menacing organic decay through the fascination that lies behind the elegance of their flight.